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Wood Effect Metal Garages

Attractive & Maintenance Free Wood-Effect Metal Garages

At harker Garden Buildings we fully appreciate that not every location lends itself to a traditional steel clad building. In response to the need for more attractive buildings, we at Harker now offer a PVC Wood effect metal cladding alternative for the exterior of our steel framed Metal Garages. This facade can be put on all 4 sides of a unit or 1, 2 or 3 sides depending on the location in your garden.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing exterior with all the benefits that a tough, durable steel frame brings, including large open spans, high eaves, ready accommodation of large door sizes allowing access for equipment etc., and all this is achieved more economically and quickly than with a normal timber frame or masonry building.

Many of our Customers value the improved appearance of our wood effect sheds and garages. This maintenance –free facade comes in a variety of colours, Golden Oak or Mahogany.

This cladding can be used on its own or applied on top of metal cladding. Alternatively the roof and walls can be clad in our sophisticated composite panel system with a the Wood effect facade overlaid on top to achieve the cosmetic result desired by so many , whilst retaining excellent thermal performance within the secure and watertight envelope.

We offer a variety of façade cladding options to personalise your project. We have a range of timbers and profiles including Shiplap and Plank profile cladding.

Steel Doors

Access Steel Doors

Inward or outward opening, left or right hand hung, Harker offers a range of doors,all with a host of locking options.

Our normal offering is our twin skinned steel doors which are typically preferred outward opening to maximise internal space flexibility. These doors come with multi point locking – that is to say that in addition to the normal lock at waist level has a number of shot bolts that engage with the frame on the vertical, top and bottom faces. In addition the door has anti jimmy studs which are tough static pins which extend on the hinge face that engages with the frame as the door is shut. This minimises the chances of forced entry by jimmying or hinge rupture at the hinge face.

Standard doors are typically in the region of 830mm wide x 2015 high as clear opening. Disabled access doors are available in a range of sizes.

As with most things if a selection can be made from the standard, rather than special, range of dimensions there are significant cost advantages. Please discuss this with our Sales Team who will be happy to advise.

Fire Exit Steel Doors

On larger installations and/or where a number of personnel are located it is naturally a requirement to provide one or more Emergency Fire Exit Steel Doors. We can offer a selection of doors and crash bar options to suit every requirement. The doors will open outward, can be right or left hand hung and can have, in addition to an internal crash bar or pad, an external handle if required.

Often the decision on some of the detail will be related to security from externally forced entry. In such case we offer a plain external leaf with no handle minimising forced entry option. Owing to the requirement for swift building egress in the event of fire the opportunity for multi point locking does not exist and typically the lock mechanism is rather more conventional.

Steel Framework

Our Steel Framework is made from Galvanised steel which ensures that your building is strong and will withstand any weather.

We use Galvanite in our Steel Framework. Galvanite is a range of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet and coil products.

Galvanite has a corrosion resistant coating that remains firmly attached to the steel under the most severe forming operations. It continues to give general and sacrificial protection to all areas after forming and fabrication.

Corus Steel combines 60 years of production experience and modern, sophisticated equipment to ensure a quality product with benefits such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Formability
  • High Strength
  • Galvanite is a range of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet and coil products
Corrosion Resistance

Of all the methods of protecting mild steel against corrosion, hot-dip zinc coating is the most common. A zinc coating protects steel in two ways:

It acts as a physical barrier between a potentially corrosive environment and the steel base.

The zinc coating gives galvanic or sacrificial protection at cut edges and at scratches.

In dry and unpolluted environments, steels with a coating of 19 microns of Galvanite hot-dip have a expected design life of 20-50 years.

European Standards

Galvanite complies with European standards and is also available to other national and international standards by agreement with Corus. Contact us for more information.

Harker are pleased to announce that they achieved the CE Marking standard for steel fabricated sectional structures. EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011 Execution of Steel Structures.

“The achievement is one we are particularly proud of as it demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients and further establishes us as a leader in sectional Garages and insulated buildings. The certification is also a significant milestone in our continual efforts to improve and reflects our on-going investment in technology, development and process maturity.”

There’s plenty of technical detail in the regulations, but the essentials are straightforward. They ensure a product that performs, is safe in use, and that all construction requirements are covered.

For Garages and Buildings, this covers features such as:

  • Wind and Snow loading resistance
  • Water tightness
  • Load bearing capacity
  • Insulated properties
  • Fully traceable parts and components

In addition to these features, the certification covers our factory production control and helps to ensure that all the units we sell are of the highest quality and are fit for purpose. And, because we’ve got the CE marking sorted, that’s one less hassle for you to worry about.

Roller Shutter Doors

Quality Roller Shutter doors offer a quiet, convenient option to secure your garage. Roller shutter doors are perfect for any garage door, large or small, due to their ease of use and long service life.

At Harker the roller doors we fit are strong and simple in design yet reliable and secure. Supplied by Buckle & Jones especially for Harker, these roller doors are manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanized steel lathes with a PVC exterior coating in a choice of colours. All roller can be up-graded with a choice of optional extras.

We use heavy-duty roller doors and one piece curtain doors in our sheds and garages. As they are stronger and last longer than the light –duty roller doors seen on other garages on sale in Ireland, giving you value for your money. Heavy-duty doors benefit from stronger interchangeable “lathes” which, if damaged can be slide out and a new replacement piece re-inserted, this feature is a major benefit should you have the mis-fortune of damaging your door.

Our Roller Shutter doors can come in three configurations:
1. Manual hand operated, standard feature

Our manual-hand-operated roller doors are assisted by a spring loaded axle which the door lathes our mounted to, this spring takes part of the weight of the door, when the door is in operation. With a little effort these doors open and close in a smooth movement. Secured with strong locks each side of the door, these doors offer the garage owner peace of mind.

2. Electric-motor operated, available as an optional extra.

Electric motor operated roller doors, rise and lower by the push of a button, very handy when you have your hands full of gardening tools or paint tins and you need to exit. Powered by reliable tubular motors, we supply these doors with a emergency manual override in case there is a power cut! Operation by key switch is also available as an optional extra.

3. Insulated Electric-motor, available as an optional extra.

Insulated roller doors are manufactured from twin walled corrosion resistant aluminium lathes and insulated with CFC free foam. This type of door provides great heat and soundproofing qualities when used on fully insulated buildings. These electric motor operated insulated roller doors, rise and lower at the push of a button, and offer a quiet, convenient solution to secure your insulated garage. At Harker the doors we install are elegant and simple in design yet reliable and secure.

PVC Windows

With a wide range of designs on offer, you can be sure that Harker will have a selection of PVC windows for you to choose from that will match the existing windows in your home or business premises. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary build we can source a window to suit your needs.

We understand the importance of choosing the right colour to match your surrounding buildings, and with a large range of colours to choose from, you can be assured of the right match. Our PVC window finishes are tough and durable and save you the worry and hassle of repainting every few years.

The windows we fit are made from a double rebated KBE frame, which has great weather protection features. Our PVC windows are fitted with large 24mm thick double glazed glass panels as standard, but optional extras are available, including wire enclosed security glass, obscure glass, tinted glass etc.
Window Sizes available:

  • 3’6″ x 2’6″ Top opening
  • 4’6″ x 3’6″ Twin top opening
  • 6′ x 2′ with or without openings
  • 6′ x 6′ with a middle bar and can be fitted with openings
  • Other sizes can be fitted, please ask any out our sales team.
PVC Windows for Security

Coupled with high strength double glazing utilizing high security beading, each window has a 2 point locking system and is backed by decades of testing, you can rely on Shanette Sheds to provide you with the security you need.

PVC Windows for Fire Resistance

We understand the importance of fire safety so we can supply you with side-opening regulation size fire escape windows for any of our buildings.

Concrete Bases

Concrete Base

We recommend a Concrete Base with a rebate for all our units. The reason for this rebate is that the floor level is approx 50mm higher on the inside than the outside base height, this ensures the floor is fully secured and sealed against wind and rain.

We will supply you with a fully-detailed base drawing for the shed you order. This base drawing is essential in order to have the base the correct size for your shed or we have a subcontractor that can do all the base preparation for you.

Concrete Drying Information

A concrete surface may look dry, but the slab can still contain sufficient moisture to cause problems when covered. The amount of concrete moisture can be considerable. In practical terms, several pounds of water must evaporate from every square foot of concrete for the slab to be considered adequately dry for floor finishes. The industrial rule of thumb for estimating the drying time necessary for concrete floors to reach acceptable moisture content is 1 month of drying for each inch of concrete thickness (1mm per day). So to help the drying time in your new unit you should take the following steps:

  • Leave the door (s) or a window (if fitted) open for extra ventilation or
  • Use a de-humidifier to speed up the process.
Silver & Gold Ranges:

These units have to be adequately heated to achieve ideal storage conditions for some products.