Floor Tiles

Ecotile Floor Tiles

Harker Garden Buildings have an extensive range of interlocking Ecotile floor tiles that will add a stylish, hard-wearing finish to your indoor or garden surface, they are ideal to use on all of our garden buildings and ideal for patios and decks, play areas and roof top terraces.

Interlocking Floor Tiles A Great Flooring Solution

These floor tiles are a versatile flooring solution with an almost unlimited range of applications. They can be installed over most existing floor surfaces and areas with heavy traffic, including forklift trucks, pallet trucks and other heavy goods vehicles. They are quick and very easy to lay, hard wearing and come with a 10 year product warranty. You can purchase Ecotile flooring complete with your garden building order or separately in packs to replace an existing floor.

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eco floor tile diagram
eco tile lifestyle tiles

Why Choose Eco-interlocking Floor Tiles?

Ecotiles are a heavy duty interlocking floor tile that carries the UK ISO9001 certificate for quality. They can be used on a wide range of applications including the insulated metal buildings or wooden buildings that we manufacture at Harker Garden Buildings LTD. Applying Ecotiles to your project would make a perfect solution if you are looking for hard wearing and durable flooring, they would be a perfect fit for insulated metal garages and workshops. Once installed you are left with a dust free, easy to maintain flooring solution.

Available ecotiles

Bergo Floor Tiles

At Harker Garden Buildings understand that each environment has its own specific problems, so we needed to find a flooring solution that will overcome and adapt to each and every purpose. Bergo floor tiles can offer you this with so many benefits, designs and colours we can satisfy even the most particular of customers. Bergo floor tiles hold the ISO 9001 certification for quality which is something they take very seriously.

Stylish interlocking Floor Tiles

The tiles are made from Eco-friendly polypropylene, a material that is 100% recyclable. They can be moved from one place to another with ease. Simply take up the floor tile by tile or in 'sheets' and then re-lay them wherever and whenever you want. Bearing in mind that there is no need for adhesive, screws or nails, it is a very simple process.

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Unique Outdoor Flooring

The EcoTile lifestyle interlocking flooring is the strongest floor tile within the Bergo collection. It has a straight-line, open pattern with a distinctive character, providing an attractive environment. Its multi functional properties can solve your flooring problems both indoors and out; overcome issues relating to installing flooring within wet or damp areas outdoors and help to improve safety and comfort when walking over existing wooden, stone, ceramic, concrete or steel flooring needs covering or refurbishing.

Harker Lifestyle Sport Berg Tiles

Berg Mulitsport floor tiles have been developed to withstand tough conditions and has multi functional properties which enables water to drain rapidly from the surface making these floor tiles ideal for your garden or patio areas. They are very comfortable to walk on, even in bare foot and softens the impact from falls. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor, very easy to install and if you decide to move house you can just pick them up and take them with you.

Benefits of using the Lifestyle Sport Tile

  • Can withstand all types of climates & environments
  • Easy to install/move, low maintenance and extremely durable
  • Excellent drainage capability
  • Can withstand high point loads
  • Soundproofing properties
  • Ideal on worn asphalt and cracked concrete

Available colours lifestyle comfort standard tiles

bergo floor tile diagram

Available colours lifestyle sports tiles

bergo floor tile diagram

Bergo Lifestyle Floor Tile Accessories

Expansion Tile
Expansion Tile

Expansion Tiles are used to allow for thermal movement in the floor.

Expansion Cross Piece
Expansion Cross Piece

Expansion cross pieces are used at the intersection of the Expansion Tile.

Edgeing Strips
Edging Strips

Used to create a neat Edge to your tiled floor, where you access the floor from another level surface.

Corner Strips
Corner Strips

External Corner piece to link the tiles around an external corner.

Katepal Roof Tiles

Complete Your Garden Building With Katepal Roofing Tiles

Roof tiles from Harker Garden Buildings are an affordable roofing tile solution that will enhance the appearance of your garden building. They provide a singular opportunity to give a garden shed its own individual style. We have several patterns and colour matches available, making this and ideal roofing tile product for sloping garden building roofs. They look great on garden sheds, summerhouses, insulated garages, barns, breeze houses, pool houses, and loft conversions and they are also superb for easy garden building roof repairs. Very quick and simple to cover and lay on all garden building roofs.

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garden shed with katepal roofing tiles

katepal advantages

Good Bending Durability

Katepal roofing tiles withstand repeated bending exceptionally well, particularly valuable at the installation stage.

Elastic Even In Cold Weather

Katepal roofing tiles is elastic even in cold weather conditions. The ability to withstand cold weather generates material savings and greater flexibility in choosing the installation time.

Material With A Long Life Span

Katepal roofing tiles are made from SBS elastomer bitumen which is both strong and durable, able to withstand mechanical and chemical stresses extremely well. With a life span of almost double ordinary bitumen roofing tiles.

Good Surface Adherance

The granular surfacing adheres to the elastomer bitumen of the Katepal Roofing Tiles. This improves the durability of the roof; keeping its surfacing and its colour. In rain and hard wind bitumen roofing tiles are comfortably quiet.
katepal tiles

Available katepal tiles

Ideal for Garden buildings

Harker Garden Buildings sell felt roof tiles for sheds.

Katepal roof tiles can be used on roof pitches between 12° and 90°, on a wide range of applications including any one of the wooden buildings that we manufacture at Harker Garden Buildings LTD. Katepal tiles are made from SBS elastomer bitumen which is both a strong and durable material that can withstand mechanical and chemical stresses extremely well and repeated bending exceptionally well. They are very easy to install and the material comes with a very long life span.This property is particularly valuable at the installation stage when finishing edges and angles.

garden shed with katepal roof tiles