Finance by Ideal 4 Finance

When you need help, turn to Ideal 4 Finance. We work with a number of lenders in order to deliver the best possible finance option for you. How do we do this? We match your specific criteria with the right lender.

Choosing Ideal 4 Finance – here's 4 good reasons

  • Simple Application process - Applying online takes only a few minutes
  • Competitive Rates - Our range of reputable lenders offer competitive rates with high acceptance rates
  • Rapid response time - No waiting around – you’ll receive a decision within 24hours
  • Flexible terms - Borrow from £500 to £2.5 million over variable periods to suit you
Lending that matches your situation

The final decision is based on your individual circumstances, including your personal credit profile, the amount you are looking to borrow and the length of time over which you would like to make the repayments.

No nasty surprises

Here at Ideal4Finance, we have helped many people over the years and we can help you too, finding the perfect finance solution that fits like a glove. Furthermore, if you are worried by hidden charges and nasty surprises in our packages, rest easy:
Ideal 4 Finance ONLY use reputable lenders.

There are three types of loans you can apply for:

  • Unsecured loan, this is a loan which is not tied to any asset, the customer can borrow from £1,000 - £35,000 over a period of 1 year – 5 years.
  • Secured loan, this is a loan which is tied as a second charge behind a mortgage, the customer applying must be a homeowner, with a mortgage on the property in their name, the customer can borrow up to £500,000 and make repayments up to a term of 35 years depending upon the lifetime of the mortgage.
  • Guarantor loan, this is a loan which means the customer will need to find another person with better credit than themselves to co-sign the agreement with them. This could be a friend or family member and the Guarantor does not have to be a homeowner. One of the benefits of a Guarantor Loan is that if they keep up with repayments their credit score will improve, meaning they will increase their chances of obtaining a better APR in future. The customer can borrow £1,000 - £8,000 up to a period of 5 years.
Making an Application

There are two ways in which you can make an application for finance:


To apply for finance online click the button below. The application form is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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Once you have made the application online, if the application fits all lending criteria, you could be made an offer instantly. After your application our loan advisors will contact you to discuss your application.

Apply over the phone

You can also make an application over the phone with our friendly loan advisers, they are available on 020 3617 4647 Monday to Thursday 8am – 7pm, Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm.

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